Sunday, January 18, 2009

Thanks Sundance.

One movie left to go but I have enjoyed my experience at the Sundance Film Festival thoroughly, through and through, throughout my hole trip. Thanks mom.  

Some good movies, some bad.  The first one I saw was Humpday, then I saw the Shorts Program IV (which was my favorite feature), after that was Mary and Max, then Helen (an hour-and-a-half zoloft commercial) and then Spread (with Ashton Coocher) and then Against The Current, and tomorrow I Love You Phillip Morris (romantic comedy with..get this...Jim Carrey and Ewan Macgregor.)

Spread was kind of lame.  It was Ashton Cooter as an L.A. gigolo who basically mooches off of his client's possessions because he has none.  But here is it's redeemable quality! This song!

Shakem Loose Tonight - Rumspringa

Also, Against the current had a great song too. by Mercury Rev. Called "Holes." Here ya go:

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Amanda said...

That is soo freakin cool you got to go, your mom is awesome. Did you meet anyone famous?